Sponsored by:
Canberra Lithuanian scouts “Baltijos Tuntas”, Veterans’ Group “Zidinys” with assistance from the Canberra Lithuanian community.

Construction by:
Mindaugas Mauragis of Canberra

Scale: 1-50

About the structure:
The Trakai Castle was built by the Grand Duke Vytautas Magnus as his principal residence in 1405-1408. The Castle, built of stone and brick, stands on the Trakai Island in Galves Lake. The castle was used by Grand Dukes of Lithuania until 1655, when it was partially destroyed by the advancing Russian troops. Restoration work, many times interrupted, is still progressing.


Area: 65,300km
Population: 3.6 million Approx
Capital city: Vilnius

Distance from Canberra to Vilnius: 9476 miles (15250 km) (8234 nautical miles)
Founded: 1253(Mindaugus crowned as King)
Primary Language: Lithuanian
National Day: 16th February Independance Day
Currency: Litas
Population in Australia: Approx 4200

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General information

Lithuania is situated on the eastern shores of the Baltic sea, north of Poland. 66.9% live in urban areas. Its four main regions have their own distinctive dialects, culture, traditions, costumes and architecture. 70% of its rolling hills and plains is arable land and 27.6% is forested. It's 722 rivers, 2,800 lakes are devoted to recreation and preservation of nature. It is renowned for its amber and linen textiles. Its economy’s industrial base includes electronics, machine tooling, metal and food processing and manufacture of textiles, clothing, furniture and household appliances.

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